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Teens (11 to 15)
2019 - Session A - Sep-Dec
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Teens B1 - Intermediate

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B1 - Part 1

In this class, students will enhance their ability to communicate in French, learning to:

  • Formulate and defend a position on an issue
  • Analyse a biography
  • Suggest and recommend something
  • Express an opinion
  • Distinguish formal and informal speech
  • Talk about francophone artists

We will also focus on practicing grammar, specifically:

  • Past tenses: passé composé, imparfait, plus-que-parfait
  • Conditional and Subjunctive modes
  • Connectors: par exemple, pour ma part, en effet, on sait que …, donc, mais, de toute façon, etc.
  • Grammar in oral speech
  • Pronouns y and en
Required Course Material
  • À Plus B1 - Textbook + Workbook ($70.00 CAD)
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