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Get real, get into a French grammar class!

Thess classes will help you review the grammatical structures of your level. If you want to review some grammatical structures or if you are a grammar enthusiast, these classes are perfect for you!

There is no book required. The teacher will give you handouts every class.
The teacher will adapt the content of this class according to the demands of the students.
This is a great opportunity to get deeper into the works of French grammar!

Listen to Hélène presenting the grammar classes: HERE.

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Available Courses: 1

A2 Elementary

Students are able to communicate and exchange on familiar and habitual subjects.

Available Courses: 1

B1 Independent

Students at B1 level are able to interact with ease in French on familiar topics with native speakers.

Available Courses: 1

B2 Advanced

Students are able to communicate with spontaneity and ease. It is also the level of language proficiency that most French universities require from undergraduate foreign students.

Available Courses: 1

C1 Autonomous

Students are able to express themselves spontaneously and fluently in social, professional and academic situations without any apparent difficulty in finding the right words.

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