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The Test d’Évaluation de Français (TEF) is a reliable instrument for measuring your skills in French and is recognized by the Canadian Government. It is a widely recognized test offered by the Paris Chamber of Commerce (CCIP) that will allow you to demonstrate your fluency to your employer. It is also required by the Canadian immigration.

Registration and Exam Dates

  • Registration form has to be completed and your inscription paid a minimum of 10 business days prior to your desired exam date.
  • We typically hold tests every Friday at 9AM. 
    • Please note that our next session will be held on October 7th.
  • Contact us at for dates availability.
  • Please download and read the Manuel du Candidat prior to signing up for the test
  • To enroll, please download and fill out the form HERE and send it with the registration fee and a copy of an identity card  (driver's license, passport, national ID, etc.) to


  • 1 compulsory test (2h10) in QCM format (multiple choice questionnaires) assessing:
    • Reading comprehension - 60min, 50 questions, 300 points
    • Oral comprehension - 40min, 60 questions, 360 points
    • Lexique & Structure - 30 minutes, 40 questions, 240 points
  • 2  optional tests (1h20)*:
    • Written production - 60min, dealing with 2 subjects, 450 points
    • Oral production (conversation) - 20min, dealing with 2 subjects, 450 points

* For more information about which test(s) you require for immigration, citizenship or other purposes, please inquire with the government, immigration services or the appropriate institution.  Our employees do not have the training to answer those questions.

Important Information

  • The TEF is valid for 2 years from the date of taking the test.
  • You may take the TEF as many times as you wish (with 2 months between 2 takes).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long I must wait for the results?

Between 6 to 8 weeks. Certificates are collected from the examination centre where you took your test or can be deliver by mail for $20.

  • If I fail the examination, can I take it again?

The TEF is an assessment test. You receive a score corresponding to your level. Yes, you can take the test again but you must wait at least 2 months from the date of taking it.

  • How long is the TEF assessment valid for?

Two years after the date when it was taken, not from the date of the results being issued.

  • If I only take the compulsory tests, can I take the two optional tests afterwards?

Yes, you can take one or the other (or both). This test must take place within 365 days of your taking (not receiving the results of) the compulsory tests.

  • How can I train myself?
Train yourself for the exam by downloading the app of the TEF HERE or visit the website of the CCIP to do tutorials.


Please note that all fees must be paid prior to registering to a session.

Compulsory Test$ 250Add to Cart
Oral test (optional)$ 140Add to Cart
Written test (optional)$ 110Add to Cart
Compulsory + 2 optional tests$ 450Add to Cart


** Please be aware that, for registration purposes, we will take a picture of you when you arrive for the TEF exam.
This is only required because due to new MICC regulations.**

Rendez-vous sur, l'agence de promotion du FLE.
September 28th: First "Let's talk musique !"

September 28th: First "Let's talk musique !"

FREE conversation meetup on music! Discover Francophone artists and let's talk about them. Listen to one artist among our selection to talk about it during the class! Minimum level : B1.
October 12th: Pub Night

October 12th: Pub Night

What better way to practice your French than with a drink in hand and good company? Join us at Barcelona Tavern on October 12th at 6PM! RSVP appreciated.
October 19th: Book-Club "Chagrin d'école"

October 19th: Book-Club "Chagrin d'école"

Discuss the book Chagrin d'école by Daniel Pennac with LorenzaYou need to have read the book (or most of it!) before attending. This is a FREE event for AFC members ($10 for non-members). Minimum Level: B1.
October 22nd: Café Croissant

October 22nd: Café Croissant

Enjoy the ultimate French pastry with a cup of coffee or a cup of fine tea and great company. October 22nd, from 9.30am to 12pm! $5 for all. If you're curious about French classes and don't know the Alliance yet, this is a great opportunity to meet the team!